If i dont put

luke00455sovrappostoiOn it on this diary, what i’m feeling in these moments, i think i go crazy. It’s from thisĀ  late night that i feel your closeness more strong than ever. Even we are so far one from eachother each time i feel this sensation i can feel you, here close to me and in these istants my heart is beating so strong.
Despite we are so far i can feel our connection get stronger and stronger.
I can feel you are whispering my name and my soul is strambling. I must take a deep breathe for dont going crazy.
Your eyes are looking at me and in someways i can feel them set on me.
I’m biting my lips… I feeling your hands touching my stomach and you holding me tight
More the time passing by, more i think about the dream i’ve done from where has began everything and more i dont understand how it’s possible, but it is so.
Our Parallel World is, slowly born around us and if i close the eyes, i can feel your hands that bring me there.
We only and our eyes they can say us what we want to feel.


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