“We looked

At ourselves deeply. We didnt say us anything for a little bit. We had know to wait for still several minutes to move ourselves or at least to talk.
This changing was been one of more intense we had faced up to.
We were looking at us one in another Occassionally we have only whispered our names and we knew it was the only thing we could did.
lukecattura02scuriYou have wanted settled yourself, sweetly, again over me, and your hands were touching my face. Sometimes you have gave me sweet little kisses and i have filled my lungs with new air.
What we were doing it seemed a magical ritual. There was this question in our eyes. Everything around us was magical and we were part of this magic.
Slowly we were falling asleep. We were really tired. We had close the eyes while you hand was touching my belly and i was touching  your and while, we had smiled us.
The morning after, we have opened the eyes, aware to know what was happened in our appartment.
We went downstairs, as usually. Me in your arms, and that sensantion that filling my heart each time was expanding and now you could feel the same that i was feeling. While you have took me among your arms, our minds got connected eachother and for a while you have stopped youself and have looked at me. Without say nothing, we said us everything.
Me, in your arms, i sighed deeply. I’ve closed the eyes. I did it when we went downstairs. I have leaned my face on your chest and there, i have could hear your heart that was beating fast. The stairs were seven. The journey to do them was short, but those  few istants seemed had no end. Our heads were about to explode, but you were guided a slow invisible hand, and each steps you was doing, was wrapped, also, by my great emotion.
But finally, you have leaned me on the floor and that emotion, suddenly faded. I have left your hand while you went in the kitchen for prepare the necessary for breakfast.
I was looking at you from the sofa. But then something had catched my attention.”


⇐“We were

“It was ⇒


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