“We were

luke256forteStill looking at us, while we were feeling around us this changing.
We were still enjoying ourselves for the contractions of the orgasm we were feeling. You was still in me.
We were looking at us and our breathe was decreasing, our heart were returning to the normal beating, while we didnt take our glances off. In that atmosphere, everything seemed suspend, even our breathe.
That atmosphere seemed wrapped us and we could feel as a new oxygen was filling our lungs.
We hadnt moved yet. We were as hypnotized one by another. And that new thread of oxygen was still entering in our bodies, and we werent still didnt have divided us. And so, this flow was in continue movement between you and me, and the orgasm we have had was amplifying each little new sensations that we were  feeling in those moments.
I was holding your face in my hands and your eyes were set in mine.
Unconciously we had started  to take short but intense breathes.
We  knew that we were acrossing something, but that we had to wait for that all this emotion drape was gone away.
While our lips were touching delicately you have whispered ‘Shhh’ and then our lips kissed still. Slowly, everything was itself fading, and everything seemed was returning to the normality, but we knew, by now, it wasnt so.
We have looked at eachother. The air around us was still as if it was suspended. The new oxygen in our bodies it had to be still pumped well. We were put us infront one another, and as in the previous times, we have took our hands one in another, we looked at us without ever took off our glance one with another, and without say nothing, we had begun to take deep breathes. We were feeling it, also this time,it was working.
The new oxygen was entering  replacing the old one.
Our mental connection was becoming more stronger than before.
We were shyly smiling us. My last last gesture was been a sweet caress on your face.
At the same time we had close the eyes. Our hearts still was  beating strong.”



“We looked ⇒

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