… in meanwhile

luke-10forteYou, always more, giving me the certainty of my sensations.
Since i was woke up is that my vise in stomach is growing faster and faster….  and then what i’ve seen here, after your tweets… I dont want add anything else.
Just i  feel your closeness always more closer despite our real distance. And can feel your whispers, your  voice is wrapping me and i can feel your arms embrace me tight, you leave me without breathe.
My fingers are almost shaking on this keyboard and my thought is travelling fast to reaching you. Also me, i’m whspering your name. And our parallel world it opening itself, and there our glances can melt eachother.
My heart is beating strong. I feel you here by my side. You’re holding my belly, my hips, and the only thing i can do, is close my eyes and sigh.
Everything inside of me is exploding, while your are looking at me silently.
Delicately i can feel your hand is touching my face. I think i could going to drive crazy.
Does Our Parallel World exists for real and this little open diary it’s our real bond.
My heart is exploding…


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