easy054sovrappostoOur glances dived themselves one in another, and our passion blossomed. Our sweet kisses were like delicate caresses.
Unconciously we had know that we were strenghtning our world. The lights outside was the witness.
We were kissing us, when you have stopped yourself. You have looked at me and without any effort, you have took me in your arms and without realizing us, we were already in the bed.
You have stared me for a little bit, but that moment seemed had no end. Our breathe got faster and faster.
Slowly my hands slided inside of your shirt and i bited my lips till yourself approached to me for kiss me still.
I had still the shirt in my hands when your passion exploded.
Suddenly, the shirt was fallen on your arms and i was remain breathless, while you was kissing my neck and your hand was mapping my belly till arrive to hold my hip.
There we looked at us, and while sweetly our bodies became only one and we were sharing our fluids, we were feeling that something was happening around us, inside our appartment.
We didnt take off our glances while were reaching the maximum of our pleasure together.
We were also menthally connected and our lights came and went trough our minds and what which we were seeing as soon as a moment earlier to reach the orgasm, was been one the most beautiful we had seen.
Unconciously we had know that were the lights outside, the reason.”


⇐“We were

“We were ⇒

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