“We were” – ○244○

Entering in our apartment while the darkness was coming. Everything this that we had faced, has tired us.
luke02-0238forteWhile we were closing the door we have seen all the furry animals going away for rest: the only one a little bit lively, was always The Little of the Morgur, but we had seen that more he approached to the village, his walk has became slower: he was tired too.
We would have see him the day after always playful.

We were closing the door, and we have took a look at Pyr: he was sleeping, already, while his neighbour, was settling his bush. We could hear his mumbles.
The only silent ones were the Markùts. Their place was next to the little bridge that crossed the little river close our apartment. They were one per side of the bridge.

The moon was illuminating that little scenario that we had in front. Before to close the door we embraced tight, one another staring the moon.

You took my hand for to exceed the little stair. Then silently, we came to settled ourselves on the sofa, in your favourite corner.
We didn’t talk for a little bit.
Then you: “We have to make sure that nothing else of our bad memories may unleash another Nothing. Those two days in your apartment were been, from a side the most bad days, but from the other side the most beautiful of my life. When I’ve see the void in those eyes, I have understood everything. When we had made love, you have set me free… and…” I’ve stopped you.
“You want take all the guilt, but remember what I did, even me. Maybe the greater guilt is mine.”
Our glances were merging one in another, and I continued: “Me, I’m a witch. Maybe I was been me to have unleash the Nothing for the first time…maybe when I told you my story… .”
That speech had been left so to half.

Your eyes were dived in mine while a force was about to enveloping us.
A force, an heat that we knew very well.
Our minds were opening themselves to that desire.

Slowly, we have kicked from our minds those bad thoughts, and in our eyes was being born that sparkle light that it made us feel crazy one for another.

Gently, I have moved your hair from your face, going to touch sweetly your neo.
You have left me do, while you was approaching to me.
We were touching us so delicately that only at end, we had realise that we were kiss us.

Outside of our apartment million of colored lights floated in the air, going to realise a giant barrier around Our Parallel World.”



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