I no need

vangurd26scuriTo close my eyes, cause our connection has began much earlier than usual.
Yes, im translating my tale, and im revivng all the sensations of which when i wrote it in english.
All these emotions now are embracing me as if it was the first time.
My head is exploding and my emotions are transporting me there in «your appartment» and i see it as if was the first time. And you holding my hand.
Our connectiong is always more strong than ever.
I’m living between two worlds, but if i close the eyes im feel inside of our parallel world, and there that i want to remain. There with you.
There, where has began everything this.
This strange connection, these vibrations i feeling when i think of you, where the coincidences continuing to happen.
And my tale continuing to give me the same emotions.
Our Parallel World is here around us. I can feel you close to me.
You’re wrapping me with your arms. I can hear your whisper.
What do you want is what which i want too.
Stay in slience in our arms, listening to  this music, looking at us, touching delicately our faces, and perhaps kiss us.


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