lukesenzanomescutriPyr has started to talk.
You and me were looked at us and sweetly we settled one close another, while Pyr took the courage and he settled in the centre, arounded by the other little animals.
He seemed he was looking for a dot to direct his blind glance.
I’ve encouraged him, doing so, Pyr has towarded his sweet face toward us.
He was still a little hesitant but then with a hoarsely voice, he began.
My name is Pyr. I was exploring that part of this world when a force bigger than anything else it paralyzed me by side that rock where you have found me. I wasnt been able to ask help to anyone, neither to the old man and to the woman. I was as petriefied, and they couldnt see me.’
We looked us one in another, and we had immediately thought to the Nothing and to the really cause that it unleashed it. Us.
You was about to speak. The other furry animals were looking at us. But Pyr had understood, already,  what was about to happen. ‘You had unleashing it, but then you had defeated it, that’s important. Each thing has the other side of the coin.
You have rescued me and i’m thankful’.
The words of Pyr had left us a lightness in the hear that we couldnt imagine.
We had unleasing the most bad thing and it could also destroy this magic world and he had also thank us. We had sighed.  Shyly we had smiled at Pyr, and despite his blindness, he smiled at us back.  Pyr couldnt see trought the eyes, but he could see trough feelings and emotions and each thing he arounding him.  He was special, as every our furry animals.
We had inveted him to enter in our appartment for rest, but he declined.
He had found a peaceful place for rest close the tree infront of our appartment, close the Fenkuz’s bush.”


⇐“We were

“We were ⇒

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