“We were” – ○242○


Enter in that burn valley, and now we were leaving it with new colours.

We were still breathless, but we knew our love had a great power. The more powerful.
We had run go trough again the long and tight walkway that skirted the Opal.

We didn’t surprised ourselves to see the Markùts waiting for us at the end of that walkway. We were behind to the blind animal: he seemed to know the way of the return.

Slowly, we had go trough the walkway and we had took a look back.
Now the mountains peaks were green: we didn’t have able see if the rest of the landscape was remained the same, as we had left it, but we knew that kiss we given us each other, has been one of the most sweet and powerful, and what which we had attended, for sure, it wasn’t a mirage.

The Markùts had followed us, it seemed they ask us: “What has happened beyond the walkway?” Their eyes were stared on us, while we were still walking for reach the borderline of the Morgur village.
We wanted to reach the little rock close the lake.

The Little Morgur, as soon as, he seen us, he ran toward us, jumping of joy, looking with much curiosity, the new one animal that we had rescued.

To reassured everyone, you have immediately said: “When everything has changed, we have had noticed him: he was alone, and much scared…he’s a new friend.”
“What is changed”‘ The Little One asked.

They didn’t knew it, neither the Markùts that accompanied us till at the of the walkway: they had only know that they had to accompany us there.

You have started to tell the story from the begin.
As the very first time you had tell our meeting, your deep a calm voice was been a new enchantment for me, and our furry friends, but above all for the new one arrived.
He was close to me, and me I was caressing him for assure him that he was among friends.
Fenkuz was been the last one to arrive.
While your words were wrapping us, the blind animal whispered something.

We stopped ourselves for a moment.
Sweetly I asked him: “What did you say?”
All the eyes were set on him.
With a feeble voice he replied saying: “Pyr….I’m Pyr.”


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