lukecatturamoltiplicaEvery my thought run to you and maybe you know it.
My head is exploding and i just cant believe it.
Our connection in strong than ever.  Now it’s a fact to which we have to give ourselves up. But each time happen, it leave me without breath.
And also if you havent took a look to what i wrote, i know you’ll do it soon.
Im still sighing and my mind enter in our parallel world without effort.
I know you’re there, waiting for me.
I can close my eyes and i can feel your touch. Your perfume wrap me and i know, you from there, you are slowly whispering my name.
I can feel it. You’re call me, and in these istants i cant hold back my emotions.
Everything this is very magical. I would like to let you know it.
Everything around you is magical.
I still shaking…

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