You’re looking

lukeeasycatturascuriAt me and slowly you’re coming by my side.
You’re holding my hands in your. We are in front one another. You have this glance. It make me blush I know what it does means.
Sweetly you take my hand and you put it on your chest. Our hearts are beating fast and at unison.
You dont say nothing, just you look at me.
Slowly my hand slide in your shirt and slowly i make it slide it on your shoulders.
Our breathe get faster and faster.
Your hands take my hips. My shirt is sliding amongst your fingers.
I close my eyes and you approach always more to me.
Now our faces touching sweetly.
Our eyes diving one in another. You caress me sweetly and slowly you whisper my name.
Your deep voice wrap me.
You call me and i reply you with my glance.
Around us open itself our parallel world and with your sweet and passionate kiss we enter in of it.


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