“We still” – ○241○


Held our hands tight one in another, while a strange white halo wrapped us.
Our sensations were one of the most great we have had felt till now.
At our feet, something, already, was changing.
Some blossom were being born around us.
The burn landscape was being born again.

We were inside of a kind an emotions bell, and they were spreading making reviving reborn all the nature around.
Slowly the landscape was changing itself, and the colours were taking again life.
We remained speechless, and almost breathless.

We didn’t have say a word. We were audience of what which our love was fulfilling.
Slowly, we have moved ourselves from where we were: it seemed that we leaving a magical track, and where we passing, were being born new vegetation.
We stopped ourselves for a moment.
I asked: “Are we really doing this?”
You seemed more incredulous than me.

Since that man had united our hands we didn’t have had left them. Everything around was itself being colouring again.

You was looking at me always more stunned.
Your eyes was speaking, but from your mouth it wasn’t came out anything.
I was looking at you, understanding what you was feeling: I took your face in my hands, and I smiled at you.
I was about to talk, but almost all in a sudden, you have kissed me and from that kiss a thin dust was spread in that burn valley, and everything reborn again as for magic.

While we looked everything this, I have could not to hold back tears. You have embraced me tight.
“Look, what our love has done” you have whispered.

While we were looking at the new landscape around us, we had noticed something strange: a dot still brown. We went closer, and more we approached we have realized that it was another animal. We had noticed that he was blind, and he couldn’t see what happened around him, but he knew something it was changed. He was shaking.
I kneeled myself, in front of him, and sweetly I’ve caressed him.
It seemed he had understood, and without say nothing he shake his tail.
I just whispered him: “Come with us”, and without any efforts he followed us.

We were returning back home.”



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