“We were” – ○240○


Looking at us with our hearts were beating strong that they were about to splashing out from our bodies.

Despite we wanted ran away we remained there, the only thing that encouraged us was our big love.
I was looking at you, silently asking you: “What’s happening?”
While always more the mountain was opening itself in front of us.

Speechless, and breathless, we had to wait for that mountain open wide.

Around us unleashed itself a great noise: it us scared.
It seemed the voice of whole universe.
A thin dust wrapped us, as much so that for a moment we weren’t been able to see ourselves, but we could felt our hands hold tight.
“…Luke…” – “…Daria…”. We have called each other.
We were been able to pronounce just our names, and this, has assured us alot.

We were there, also if we didn’t have the possibility to see us: we could feel our hands tightening strong, and it was comforting

Slowly that thin dust was fading and finally our eyes met again.
Our hearts were about to explode in our chest.
I dived myself in your chest, and you have wrapped me with your embrace.

I looked at you in your eyes, asking: “What happening?”‘ You have looked at me without able to give me a valid reply
You didn’t know it, even you.
We were still in front of the mountain: inside was so dark, but we had hear some noises, they seemed steps.
Wrapped by the same dust came out two persons: one woman, and one man.
Their clothes were togas and their colours uniformed with the whole landscape.
Their faces were covered by cowls, and till they didn’t have left them fall from their heads, we didn’t have recognised them.

He was my homeless, and she was the woman of handcart. They were the same persons whom had said us, that we would meet us again.

We didn’t have meet them no more from that our strange meeting, and now we were in front of them again.
“Together had defeated the Nothing facing up to your big fears. You have walked trough this unknown landscape of your parallel world, you have kept ourselves your hands tight, despite you couldn’t see each other.” The homeless said with a peremptory voice.
There was a moment of silence, then the woman with a silky voice said: “Your love is the most great one. It’s able to fight every sad feeling that could be arrive here. We had defended your world, how we have could, but when has came the Nothing, it has confined us here: now, our task is over.”

The homeless came to us, and has united our hands, and he has pronounced some strange words, and from my ring was came out a light, as, for protect us, and our hearts were filling by another great emotion.
We were looking at us one in another, still more in love.

It seemed, our love was more beautiful, even in that desolate landscape.

We have had take a last look to the woman, and to the homeless.
They were flying away.

We would have see them no longer.”


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