“We looked at us

lukeread02catturascuriOne another and we have looked back only once again and unconciously we have take our hands we have holded them tight.
We took deep breathe and we were go on.
From here we had to follow our emotions and they would have conduct us where we should go.
Our hearts was beating very hard.
We were about to enter in an unknown place of our parallel world and we felt ourselves as lost.
This place presented itself not like the big green landscape that we were been used to see around us.  On the contrary, it was desolate landscape. The main color was brown, as a burnt landscape. Trees were burn and the montains peaks were like if they were burnt them also.
We were walking trought this landscape, with hands in hands, and we were been stroke by an infinite sadness, but we had know to go forward and we would have know who we had to meet.
We looked at around us and we had tought all this desolation was due to the Nothing, while we still walked.
That landscape was the exact contrary of the our peaceful world. We could notice that some rocks were simply little vulcanos that snorted hot air.
‘Where are we?’ i asked  -‘Why the Markùts took us here?’ I knew  it was useless question, but soon we would been in front of the answer.
And it was so.
We have still walked a little bit. We stopped ourselves in front of a kind a wall, but it wasnt a wall. We looked up and  we were at the foot of a montain.
Was it there that we had to go?
In at anytime, our hearts could explode.
We were there, in front of that mountain waiting something.
Now, more than ever your hand, your arm, your glance, were the only things that could assure me. I was still with you, also in that place.
Sincerely we didnt like at all. It reminded us much the Nothing. The atmosphere was stifling us.
We were looking at around. We didnt still say nothing.
We could hear only a buzz. We had felt it during all that strange walk.
We were about to turn ourselves for return back, when from the inside of the mountain we have heard a great noise. The mountain was opening itself.”


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