Slowly my mind

lukesenzanomemoltiplicaiIt connecting with your and we feel us close one another, and all this is just magical.
What which i’m feeling in these moments in which i’m writing in this diary it’s simply wonderful.
We are only us and nobody else.
If i close eyes i can feelĀ  you’re coming from behind and you hold my hips touching my t-shirt of satin and the sensation is one of the most sweet and sexy i’ve felt in my life.
I close the eyes and you continue to caress my skin.
Sweetly you whisper in my ear ‘Open the eyes’ . Without realizing we are in Our Parallel World. Each of us inside the eyes of the other, here in my bedroom.
Your closeness is tangible. My heart is going crazy despite our distance we are really close.
I can feel you want to say me something. Im breatheless and i waiting for.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
Our minds get connecting one with another more strong than ever.
I taking a deep breathe and i know you’re doing it you too.
Our connection is here, we feel our emotions ran trought our parallel world faster than ever.
I taking your hand and i putting it on my chest ‘Do you feel it?’
Closing our eyes we can see us one in front another.
We are sighing together.


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