“We were looking” – ○238○


At us, and around us seemed everything could explode in at any time.
Everything seemed suspended: the air, our hearts, our words. It was like our movements has became slower.
You was touching my face and I felt the sweetness of your hand reaching my skin.
It seemed was everything ok, but something it was about to happen.
Your eyes were piercing me by their beauty, and I believe also, mine were doing the same. We didn’t moves ourselves for a lot of time.
Outside we were listening to some sweet recalls.

Slowly, were awakening ourselves from that suspended atmosphere, and we didn’t take our eyes off one another. For taking again to breathe, we have took our hands we had start to make little breathes, then a last deep breathe.

We had take a look at the window of the bedroom, and we had seen the Little One, that with his shrill voice called us, and the two Markùts looking at us.
“It seems they have something very important to say us” you said.

I have wore on something more comfortable.
We went downstairs and we came out. The Markùts didn’t have say nothing, but we understood that we had to follow them.
We had know that every time the Markùts wanted show us something, it was always much important.

But this time it wasn’t something that they wanted show us, but someone.
With the Markùts by our side, we had cross the Fenkuz’s bush, where he still was sleeping, the Morgur village, where we had see the Big One was looking for the Little One, while he was give some directions the Leaner One.
We had also cross the Opal.

The Markùts knew another walkway to cross the Opal.
It seemed a second walkway that skirted the Opal.
It was tight, and enough long. It seemed that didn’t take it to anywhere, instead, was take somewhere.

The Markùts didn’t have say nothing, and we wanted respect their will, also if we were making us many questions: one on all: “Where are they taking us to?”

After the long walk through this tight way another great valley it opened itself in front of us.


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