smile0005moltiplicaI’ve dreamt you… for a short time…. it was been so delicate and sweet. You was coming to take something beautiful for me. My heart was about to explode when i was woke myself up.
This sensation is still wrapping me.
In my dream, when you have left me you was smiling in this way, you was looking at me
I dont know if it will happen something beautiful in the next hours. Just the time will tell. but usually with you, and our connection, i never wrong.
The phrase of your friend resound in my mind as a hammer ‘He’s going to take you something beautiful’…. and your smile toward me leave me still breatheless.
I dont know, but i feel something beautiful will happens, i dont know where, neither when, but something will happens and when it will happens we only usĀ  we will know it.
In meanwhile my heart is slowly exploding and your smile is accompanying me in Our Parallel World.


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