26richikelineareI close the eyes and i whisper your name… Today it’s what which i really need it. Slowly but aloud, and for magic our connection begins. I can feel our minds get connect one with another, and i stretch my hands and you take it. Embracing me we fly and we can see our parallel world. Gently you let me enter in and our emotions explode at unison.
We take a deep breathe, sweetly i feel you’re wrapping me in your embrace.
‘Embrace me tight’.
Despite our distance you can feel my demand and i feel your hand slide in my t-shirt and you hold me tight. I close my eyes and your fingers are touching my face. Your whisper wrapping me. Your voice assure me. Your eyes take meĀ  in our parallel world.
We are looking at us one another. Our lips touching softly.
We dont say nothing.
We just only hear our breathe. It’s enough for create that magical atmosphere of which we need so badly.
You’re the only one i really need now.
I’m whispering your name. You feel it.


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