“Our minds” – ○237○

Were be connecting, and we could feel every little thought that ran in the head of the other.
We were still thinking about what the Markùts and Fenkuz had said us, and we were going crazy.

luke02cattura02forteYou turned yourself toward me, and you came toward me, and we were looked at us, you have caressed my face whispering: “I know, we have a great responsibility towards this world, we will do anything for protect it. If it was necessary, we will fight another Nothing: we will be ready for anything we will face up.”
Your words got calm me.

After eat, and after put the dishes in the sink, you came in front of me.
We looked us: your hands held my hips, and slowly you have took me in your arms.
Without say nothing you have take me in bedroom, and you have lay me on the bed: you’ve done the same, placing yourself close to me.
Unconsciously I embraced you, and we fallen asleep.

The sun was born while slowly we have opened the eyes.
Our awaken was always the same: eyes in the eyes, a little smile, a caress on our face, mine sweet till reach your neo, a kiss of you on the palm of my hand, but this time you pushed yourself more forward.

Gently you’ve put yourself above me and our glances met, and sweetly you have started to kiss me: without any effort, I left you do it, and I kissed you me too.
We only kissed us, and nothing else, occasionally you lifted your face only for look at me, and caressing my face.
We have dived our eyes in the gaze of the other.

Even me, I delicately touched your face.

Each of us wanted say something, but we were overwhelm by what we were feeling, and only two words were came out.
‘My love…’.”


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