lukesoleforteYou have gave me the really certainty that in someways you reading what i write in this little open diary and maybe who know how long you are doing it. Maybe all those visualizations were only yours and you’ve read every my writtens, and now im sure of our connection is real.
Our Parallel World is there and it just waiting for us.
I’m smiling. It’s from i woke up myself that i’m smiling, and maybe you’ve just waited for this moment for say me something more important than a ‘Like’. And something more important you showed it me in this way.
In this moments i whisper your name aloud, and our minds get connect one another. I feel it and i know you can feel it.
Slowly our connection begins in these moments.
You’re opening the eyes and i can feel the vise in my stomach. That’s the connection it begins.
We smilingĀ  from far, one from another, but in these little short time we feel close one to another much.
I still smiling and from far you can see me.
In Our Parallel World, we are embracing us tight one another. I feeling your whispers and everything transform in the most beautiful thing in the world. Your kiss.


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