“After the” – ○236○


Confirmation of what which that the Markùts had said us, and after every furry animals were go away, we remained still on the little stair to admire the peaceful panorama that surrounded us.

We knew that our parallel world was a place that we had created with all our feelings, emotions and sensations, but we still hadn’t realise that we had to take care everything of inside of it: till now we didn’t had think about it.

I got up, and slowly and I’ve stretched my hand toward yours, you’ve take it, and sweetly, we walked till arrive the little river close our apartment.
We were a little tired.
The dusk was arriving: the sun was falling behind a wood.

We remained to see the last clove of the sun disappearing in the dark.
Our silhouettes reflected in the river, the moon high in the sky illuminated the landscape, and we were alone.

From far we could see a little light.
It was the Morgur village and we could hear the shrill voice of The Little One who didn’t wanted go to rest, and the Big One repeated to him to go to rest, and he did said him: “Tomorrow we still must work.”
Instead, we had see Fenkuz go into his bush stretching his little paws one by one.
While the Markùts were always there, at a safe distance, but always close to us, and to our apartment.

By now this was became as our universe, and till now we didn’t have realise that.
We were wrapped by what which we feeling and we hadn’t thought to all that.
We embraced strong, and slowly we went into our apartment that magically was illuminated.

During that little walk we heard a voice. It seemed came from Our Parallel World, itself.
“You continue to love each other in your own way, just in this way, everything this, can strengthening itself.”

We were about to enter in the apartment, but you stopped yourself, and you putted yourself in front of me: “How can I love you more than I’m doing it now?”
I looked at you and sweetly I’ve caressed you.
You kissed me then we shyly smiled, and we entered in.

We were a little hungry: we went in the kitchen.
Gently, as a knight, you have let me make sit down on the stool in front of the table.
We looked at us one another for a second in silence, then you have started to cook.”


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