“Slowly” – ○235○

After that sweet kiss, we looked at us deeply, while our furry friends were still there: they were looking at us without say nothing. They seemed, almost embarrassed, but they had to stay, above all the Markùts: they had to understand if we had completely understand what which we were became.

lukecattura02forteThen you have said: “Since our first meeting, I’ve understand that she would been my life. The words of my grandma resounded in my head, till I didn’t come forward. In you I’ve found the real magic that I’ve always looking for”.
I was hearing these words, as if it was been the very first time: we didn’t have never express those feelings in words. We didn’t have it need: but now it was.

You was talking, looking at me, but I knew you was talking to the Markùts: they had to know if we had understand the importance of everything we had created, even unconsciously, also even there was nothing unconscious since our first meeting in that bar.

“As I’ve seen her eyes I knew she had something of magic’.
Listening to your words made me open my heart and everything surronded us, was becoming always more a dream place more than as it wasn’t already.

The Markùts were in front of us, and now they knew.
Our hearts were beating at unison, and we didn’t take our eyes off one from another.
Slowly, we had understand that everything in our parallel world was unique, and we had to defend it in any cost, and here Fenkuz spoken: “You were been separated in your past live, but your love survived trough the centuries and now you creating this one. You’re unique, and we are here for help you in any case.”
Then slowly the little furry animals were go away.
We looked at each other in silence: in a silence full of meaning.

All those words still resounded in the air: those of the Markùts, and those of Fenkuz.
But the words that resounded more in my head were yours, while you looked at me in silence.
You did know what which I was feeling, and my heart was about to explode, while I’ve took your hand, and I’ve put it on my chest, and still one more time our glances were merged one in another.”


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