“You was about

To make the question but one of the Markùts began to speak in their strange language, but everybody, includes us, were able to understand.
luke0052forte‘Since you have met her, in the universe a force was unleashed itself and slowly everything this was created. This world was born from your big love you had one for another. Slowly your parallel world has taken something from your energies and it growed up. The very first time that you came into of it, there were been an enxchange. You didnt noticed that…’
We have listened to the Markùt almost incredulous, but by now, there were nothing that we could believe wasnt false.
And yes, we rembemered well the first time we had took a glimpse to that world that soon it would became our parallel world. That strange journey across the white pathway.
The Markùt given us a moment for reflect and for rembember everything this.
Unconciously we taken our hands one in a another, and at the same time we had sighed, then we had looked the Markùt and he had continued to talk.
‘In that lake close the waterfall, you given your vitality energy to the world. You’re this world. In everything and for everything.’ I was looking at the Markùts speechless, and slowly i was reaching to the main point of the Markàt speech. You was leafing the notebook of your grandma, looking for something more concrete, but this time you was about to give yourself up to the unavoidable.
The Markùt did know that was he saying us it could seem the most incredible thing, but it was so.
You have took a deep breathe, while i was looking at you. I took your hand in mine and in a whisper i said ‘He has right… Did you rembember the very first time day we had slept here, what has happened, ?’  In a tremble you replied ‘When we were felt ourselves tired, slowly the dusk has fallen’.
I shyly smiled you. Sweetly, the Markùts has concluded ‘Your are our Sun and our Moon’
You and i looked at us one in another and i took your face in my hands.
Sweetly i whispered you ‘We complete eachother’.
You dived yourself in my eyes and you have whisper ‘You are my WORLD’, i have caressed your face and my finger reached your neo. Slowly you approached yourself to me and kindly you have kissed me, and this time, didnt care if we had a furry audience in front, you would kissed me anyway. You did it”



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