I looking at

luke02catturalineareYou and you asking me ‘Do you feel it?’. I shyly smile and i nod.
All Our Parallel World is wrapping us and we enter in. You are there, me i’m here. But in someways we are embraced one in another. In silence.
We are listening only our breathe that it accompanying us in our mental connection.
We are far one one from another, but when i write in this open diary we feel us close one another. And this music open our feelings more than ever.
I can hear your voice, your whispers, your recalls, and my vise in the stomach it tightens more and more and i cant breath. You know what i need, and without effort you approaching yourself to me. You caressing my face. While i sigh, i close the eyes and the magic itself complete.
We are far, yes, but in these short istants we are so close. As in a soft cloud that wrap us and our breathe is at unison. I look at you and you look at me.
Without say nothing we say us everything and sweetly we sighing only feeling our heart beating hard.
We feeling just only one little thought flying in the air…and we only us knows what does means.


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