“You returned” -○233○


To me, leafing the notebook of your grandma, looking for something.

“Luke, what are you looking for?”‘ I’ve asked, while you settled yourself next to me.
In truth, even you didn’t know what look for, but the note book of your grandma was been always precious source of information, since you was became magical.
You was reading aloud, but always in your deep voice, some phrases that you had underlined, and each time you reading, even the foolish thing, I was enchanted.

Slowly, the sound of your sweet calm and deep voice, had attracted all our little furry friends: from the Markùts to the Morgurs, and the Little One was in first line, and with great joy, we had seen arrive from a bush, a steeply Fenkuz.
He was still recover from all the time that he was been inside in the Nothing, but it seemed that your voice had something of really magic, and every little creatures had to listen to.

We remained speechless for a little bit, while all six little furry animals had put themselves around us for listen to what you was reading. I tightened your hips, while I’ve inclined my head over your shoulder. You was still reading
You was reading what your grandma had wrote about our “meeting”: her omen.

“You will recognise her: you will recognise the magic in her, and she will be who will donate you the real one.”
While you was reading that phrase I couldn’t hold back some little tears, my heart had a thud. When you have finished to read it you have lay the notebook your knees, and you have looked at me first, then the furry audience, then: “When I met her in that bar, I never figured that it would be happened what it happened… My grandma told me it always «when you’ll meet the right person, you will know it. She will be those who will give you something that you don’t expect» and I met my princess”.
Our glances crossed, and despite we had that audience in front of us, for a long moment, it seemed that everything around us was disappeared.
We dived ourselves in our eyes.

After this of this real intimate moment, with a clearing of voice, you have shake this embarrassment situation, taking my hand in your, looking at all our furry friends.
“I would like ask you something that we still don’t have understood”.
All the eyes of the little animals turned toward the Markùts.
We did the same.

The Markùts, already did know the question.”



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