luke226+lineare.JPGComing and you’re embracing me from behind. I feel your whisper, that wrapping me sweetly.
Our connection starts in these hours.
In someways i feel your closeness more strong.
Your whisper penetrating inside of me and with you in i enter in our parallel world without any effort. There, you turn me, and finally we are in front one another.
You hold my hips and i put my hands on your chest. You looking at me without say nothing. and around us a magical atmosphere itself creating.
From our real distance i feel your eyes are set on me and my heart is beating hard. Our eyes diving one in another.
Sweetly you’re approaching you to me and our fingers are crossing one in another along the hips. We are  slowly dancing while we looking at us one in another. Our hearts beating at unison. You touching my face and sweetly lay your lips on mine. I close my eyes and we sighing together.
In the air, a whisper flying …


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