“We looked at

luke021catturaforteSweetly one another. You  have caressed me the face and me i’ve inclinated it and i’ve smiled you.
Since the fight against The Nothing, and since when the Morgur had moved our appartement in Our Parallel World, we hadnt the possibility to visit the place that arounded it.
We wanted see it, for know it better.
With calm we went downstairs. You as always took me in your arms, and this gesture was became a sweet habit, and i believe you liked it as much as i do
In Our Parallel World, we had to learn still to distinguish the day and the night.
We were still a little overwhelm for what which arounded us, but we loved it.
After had a little breakfast, we had open the grey door wih the new strange key that the Morgurs given us. It was a key made of wood little doodles with a little bright stone on the top. We hadnt noticed it before. It was really beautiful.
You have inserted it in the keyhole and slowly you opened the door.
We remained breathless for what which we have seen.
We settled ourselves on the little stair of our appartement, one close another and slowly we admired everything was around us.
It was big green landscape. The first thing we had noticed was been our appartment, was no more that red and brownish building it was once, but now the walls were of wood. We had realized that the whole appartment was been put inside a big tree and the shadow of the leafs was a natural canopy. You was surprised and you have said ‘How they have done it?’
My heart was beating hard. Me, as  you, i was breathless.
We have continued to l
ook at around and we had see at our right, a little bridge and under it a little river.
It seemed that our appartment was the bordeline and the end of our parallel world. Behind the big tree there were other trees, a wood. But inside of it we couldnt see anything, if not a dense forest. We had seen just darkness. But we had to only look at ahead and not look at back.
We holded tight our hands, while we were still exploring everything around us.
Everything this, for us, was still a magic world that we had to know better.
Softly you have left my hand, and you got up. You have said only ‘I be back soon’.
We hadnt closed the door, so i was been able to see where you went in a hurry.
You returned with the notebook of your grandma.”



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“You returned ⇒


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