“We were

Looking at us one in another. Your sweet movements it was filling our souls of something always more indescribable. Our minds were connect one with another and, we had know that we were seeing the same thing.
lukecatturafondigranaIn someways, been in the opal arounded by our own emotions, it has gave us the power to projecting us in the same dimension and feel the exact same emotions.
Now, we had know. All those emotions that we were feeling in that moments, slowly, and in a certain way, were transfering themselves in the opal. And also the sweet orgasm that we were reaching, after being explode in us, would be moved in that precious place.
We exploded at the same time. Our fingers were crossed one in another, and our eyes were one in another.
We remained breatheless, while the contractions still pulsed still inside of us.
We were inside in a suspended atmosphere, and also a little whisper would have broken it.
For a little moment we have holded back the breathe, till also our heart beat returned normal.
Always more make love was a marvellous experience.
We had wait for the last pulsation had faded, for talk….for whisper.
‘You, a witch, me a normal human who has became magical… and we are everything this’.
You have said this, as if  you still didnt wanted believe it.
I was looking at you giving you a shy smile.
Our eyes met. I’ve caressed your sweet face. Your mind was full of words. I understood what were your feelings, cause they were also mine.
A wonderful world we hadnt never seen, and we were creating only us with our feelings, emotions in what which we believed in.
You was about to talk again, but i’ve put my finger on your soft lips and i approached me to you and softly we kissed again.”


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