Your whisper

luke000044forteIt’s coming from far, and i feel you. And i feel you…
You’re embracing me. I feel your lips on my neck.
Slowly you turn me. Finally our glance melt one in another.
I stare you. Sweetly i approach my finger on your half open mouth.
Your lips kissing my finger. It’s a delicate moment. Around us only silence, but our hearts beating hard. I put my hand on your chest and you make it slide the hand into your black shirt…. Sweetly it slides over your shoulders. That’s what which i only wanted, and you left me do it. You wanted it too.
I continuing to stare you. Your smile make me blush. In, your eyes there is that little dot, where i can see our parallel world, immense. I can feel your sensations…your wishes, they are also mine. Our connection is strong and we cant do nothing. Let’s love us.
Let’s talk one another in the only way we know till now.
Trought our world, but above all trought our strong connection.


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