“You was” – ○230○


Kissing me sweetly. Our souls merged one in another, and what which we were feeling around us, was that feeling when we were in the opal.
We were about for going drive crazy.

All in a sudden, you got up, and you have took me in your arms, and we went upstairs.
In the little walk for reach the bedroom, my light white dress seemed a soft cloud that sorround us: you didn’t take your eyes off me, and everything was magical.

You have leaned me softly on the bed.
You was looking at me while I was about to take off my white dress, but you stopped me.

“Don’t do it” you have whispered.
Your hands started to caress me from the legs till reach on my belly. Your game was been so delicate, and so sexy.
Your hands were caressing the white dress, while slowly, were reaching my belly. They were on the dress, but I could feel them on my skin.
The rustle, and that soft sensation on my body, and your hands on my body, made us going crazy.

Slowly you’re placed in front of me.
We smiled at each other.
You kissed me in your way. With your all sweet passion.
I was at the mercy of you. I left you did everything, and there wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

Our glances were dived themselves, one in another.
We could feel only our soft fast breathe.
Around us there was no, even the bedroom: no walls, no apartement, but it was only our convinction.

Slowly, your hand has make slides the thin shoulder strap over my arm, and sweetly you have touched my breast.
In that moment I’ve close the eyes, and I arched foward: you have kissed it many times.
I was realizing that with the other hand, gently, you was lifting up the white dress till my hips, while our eyes didn’t take off one another.

I’ve took your face in my hands.
Softly you have kissed me, while I could feel, that you slowly penetrating me.”



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