What i feeling

lukeread02catturaforteIn these moments is our closeness getting stronger and stronger. Our minds are get connecting eachother in a such way so faster than ever.
What which is happened yesterday, left me breatheless and speechless and if i  still i think about it, i think, i drive crazy.
In the same time. Far one from another, we had tweeted the same thing. This made me think alot. I didnt say it to anyone… also because nobody wouldnt understand it, perhaps neither you wouldnt understand that our connection, by now, is so strong.
And more the time is passing by, more these little oddities, arent at all oddities, but always more little signals that we are menthally connected one with another.
I’m still sighing, if i think about it… and my vise in stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and more the time is passing, i’m conviced that also you are realizing that we are connect.
I’m shaking my head since when it has happened, and i would like say it to somebody…
In someways, i’m doing it. I’m saying it to you.
Let me know, i’m not going crazy. Tell me you’re feeling the same connection.
I feeling your closeness. If i close the eyes i can feel your hands that are touching me softly, and from far i can feel your voice that sweetly penetrate me, once again.


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