“On that sofa” -○229○

We were loving us tenderly.
Softly, we touched hands first, then our faces. Then I looked down but our glances met itself again.
Delicately, I’ve put my hand on your t-shirt, and I sighed.

luke4446forteYou have looked at me, and you asked me: “What’s up?”
For a second I remained to stare you, then I replied: “Your eyes… I would remain for hours to look at them. They are the first thing I’ve noticed when you’ve entered in the bar… and in the opal, they has bright more than ever.”

In that place we remained enchanted by our own feelings, and our souls have assimilated more of our magical power, and it showed itself trough our eyes, meanwhile around us it was creating an atmosphere, that by now, we did know well.

Our hearts were swelling, and our minds were connecting one with another, and the only thing we could did was to looking at us.
We were crossing another mental state.

You whispered: “Aren’t we going crazy, isn’t?” I was looking at you, while your voice was wrapping me.
Softly, we have tightened our hands.
Our lights were dancing in the middle of us like a twirl, and our emotions were growing up fast.

Sweetly, you was touching my bare shoulders, and one of the thin white shoulder strap of my dress has slides over on my arm, detecting half one my little breast: you approached to me, and sweetly you have attempted to settle up the shoulder strap, but gently, I stopped you, taking your hand putting it on the light white dress that covered my breast.

You looked at me, I have shyly smiled you, and everything has became more beautiful, when your lips leaned on mine.

Both, we have closed the eyes.”


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“You was” – ○230○ ⇒

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