“We were about

insta14fscuriTo leave that opal place. Fenkuz was next to us a little distant. He was understanding that we had to still assimilate everything he said us, and we wanted still admire that magical ambient.
Everything around us sparkled and all that opal white made itself even more surreal that place that we called «our parallel world».
Slowly we had left that place, and we had realized that at the end of the walkway a soft wall got up itself for hide that place, and we had noticed that my ring it came out a soft light, as for seal off the opal wall, and everything inside of it.
We walked the walkway that across a little river and we returned in the green landscape.
At the end of  of that walkway Fenkuz seemed fades into the wood, and we didnt see him no more that day.
Whom we had seen, instead, at the borderline of the Morgur village was been the little one. We had find, that he was been there since when we we had acrossed the walkway for enter in the opal ambient.
He was jumping around us, asking us how was doing the the little animal that he had discored in the lair.
You have replied to all the questions that the little Morgur was doing to us.
‘He’s ok. He being part of the Fenkuz but the other Fenkuz are die. It’s been The nothing. He showed us another part of our parallel world. The most precious.’ while the little Morgur still was jumping around us. Slowly we were arriving at our appartament hand in hand and me, with my head on your shoulder, keeping me also with the other hand on your arm.
When have see the Markùts we had understood that they did knew what we had seen and their behaviour was less distant. Now that we were learning something more about our parallel world, their responsabilty was less heavy.
The little Morgur accompanied us till  at the grey door. We had caressed him and we had assured him ‘Dont worry he’s ok’ and he left us enter in the appartment.
Slowly we came in the middle of the large room. We settled ourselves in front one another.
It was since we were in the opal environment, that we wanted kiss us.
We looked one in another, and slowly you approached to me, and your hands touched sofltly my white light dress that made us drive crazy with its rustle.
We kissed, while you have took me in your arms and we went on the sofa, continuing to kiss us sweetly.”



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