“We were still

02-0237-forteSurprised about what only our feelings, our emotions had created.
We were still sat down on that opal stone, and you was looking me with wide eye open, without say a word. Me, i was doing the same, but our feeling were growing up always  more, and i could see it trought your wonderful eyes.
Fenkuz, slowly had understood that it was the moment to leaving us alone, but he didnt left us. He was moved himself away.
We dived ourselves by everything this, but above all, we were wrapped by these new sensations that, we had know, came from the crystals around us.
You was looking at me, as i did with you. Being arounded by our emotions and creating new one at the moment, it was an experience that it would leave breatheless anybody else, and we were in the middle of all this.
In someways, it was strangling us and we had to escape away.
Our feelings were bigger than us.
You looked at me deeply, taking my face in your hands and sweetly you have kissed me without say nohing. It seemed you knew what to do. In that kiss we had took again breathe. But then you got up and you took my hand, and together we have take a look where Fenkuz was. Shyly, he appeared. He came in front of us.
He had wanted that we knew what it was the power of our own feelings, and he had wanted that we knew which great power they had.
Without say nothing, Fenkuz looked at us, and you have only say him ‘They are so great, they can destroy anything’.
Fenkuz approached himself to us, and he only say ‘This ring symbolize your union. It’s the key to enter in this part of your Parallel World. It’s means your eternal love’. While the little Fenkuz was saying this, we looked at us one another, and without realizing we holded our hands very tight. We wanted kiss us. Slowly and sweetly your hand slided on my hip on my white long and light dress.”



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