This is the

lukecattura07forteHour of our connection…and  i can feel it coming always more faster. I close the eyes and i take a deep breathe. Everything that is around me begin to float, and the magic slowly is completing itself.
I can feel, you’re coming next to me. Like a little puff, i can hear, you’re whisper my name and i feel your embrace that is wrapping me.
We are traveling with our minds and sweetly we are entering in our parallel world, where everything is floating and melting and we are in the middle of everything this. We are the centre of all this. Everything is arounding us.
Our lights are melting one with another, despite our distance.  But here the distance doesnt care.
Our connection is stronger and i need just to stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves. We can touch our souls, and our hearts that are beating hard.
We can feel our flows come and go fast and this little elettric shocks we feelings inside of us, is simply our connection. We are talking trought our feelings, and we are saying us a lot of things trought our hearts, trought our souls.
Let me see your eyes,  let me talking trought them. Let me know if are the same sensations i feel in this moment.
I sighing.


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