“We have holded

reading24sovrappostoTight our hands, one in another, while Fenkuz was in front of us and he was about to speak.
We were still breathless for which arounding us. That atmosphere was like milky and everything was like suspended, like our breathe, till Fenkuz has spoken.
‘This part of your parallel world was born in the exact moment you both met in that bar’.
We have shared a rapid glimpse.
Fenkuz given us a moment for take again breathe. He knew that the story that he was telling us it would been a little abusrd, but it wasnt at all.
We both have sighed, while we were looking for make attention to Fenkuz’s words.
He continuued with his hoarsely voice to explain us. ‘You’ve created each little crystals here, and this soft atmosphere. Each little fades here is every little emotions you have felt during your experience of life together. The ring you have gave her’, indicating my hand and Luke at the same moment – ‘ it was been the key for everything you see around, but the nothing, came, earlier that i had have took the magic power from your ring. It would been need a little ray of sun and the game, it would been completed, but the nothing, came before that this was completed. I’ve been sucked in that lair, but i was able to collected the main crystals of your emotions…’. He left those words float in the air.
We had listen to Fenkuz, completely dive in his words.
‘But, when the nothing, did come?’ You have asked to Fenkuz and he looked at me.
‘I think you know it’ he replied.  We have sighed together.
In a whisper i’ve replied.  ‘When we met your ex in the bar, and you have seen nothing in her eyes, when you  have see the void in her glance…’  Fenkuz had only nodded and continued . ‘They were been two days very hard for both of you. And we know it well, the bad things growing faster than good ones, but hasnt been not only Luke’s guilt. Its been also yours’, indicating me. And i knew it. Having left my parents and having decide to live alone. But Fenkuz didnt wanted left us with this sense of guilty, he couldnt.
He approached himself to us. He took our hands and he united them in his paws and he said us ‘But now everything has passed. The circle is completed. The Nothing  has been defeated. This part is, finally completed. But one thing. Take care of your feelings, emotions. By now, it’s so hard to find two soulmates like you, and only two soulmates like you are able to create this magnificient world. And without it, me and the other creatures of your parallel world wouldnt doesnt exist. See what you are creating…rembember you both are magic, and when you should be in trouble, come here and everything will be more clear’
We had took a deep breathe and we looked at us one another, looking at around all the opal environment with all the crystals that brighted themselves, leaving us still breatheless.”



“We were still ⇒

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