Here in

luke02-0238moltiplicaiMy bedroom, i’ve just put our music on…
I felt, you was coming to me and here you are, close to me. Our minds getting connect one another and i can feel your perfume that wrapping me. Our senses are melt one with  another.
I can feel you are whisper my name and my head is exploding. I can feel your soft hand that taking mine and slowly we are entering in our parallel world.
We are in front one another. I dive in your eyes and you are touching my face. We both sigh.
Our real distance is the only obstacle, because i feel our bond is strenghtning each day that the time is pass by, and we can feel it inside of us, our only desire to stay close one another, also only stare us without say nothing, cause we know us, better we could imagine.
The last thing you wrote, impressed me much. It’s the same i feel. When i’ve read it, i really couldnt imagine it.
We are so similar. We are looking for eachother and we will doesnt know what it will happen when we will meet for real. Perhaps our hearts will explode at the same time and we will enter in Our Parallel World for no return no more.


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