I close

ap0011chiariMy eyes and my heart begin to beat hard, and i smile. I know you’re approaching.  I feel your hand are touching my face.
Slowly i open the eyes and you’re here in front of me. Our eyes diving one in another and sweetly we diving in our parallel world. You’re always more approaching me to you and sweetly you take my hand and you put it on your chest. Our mind get connect themselves. I take a deep breathe. I know what you want.
I stare your eyes. Slowly i slide my hand into your shirt and what it will be happen we does know it only us. I see, you closing your eyes and our parallel world wrapping us in its magic.
In our real distance, we are making  love, the most sweet.
My vise in stomach is growing. Im breathless, i can feel your lips lay themselves on mine. That make me drive crazy Your eyes are stare on me, and i cant move myself. I only wait for your whisper, for breathe again. You’re only staring me, im at the mercy of you.
Let me breathe again. Tell me what i want to hear, also just a letter….
‘….I….’ and i begin to breathe again.


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