“The little” – ○222○


Morgur, when we arrived where they had bring us, explained us that they had found him like this.

The Big One, with a serious voice, said us: “When you was fighting the Nothing, we had immediately settled the black hole from which it was entered, and we have notice this.”
He indicated a little gap from where it could see another part of Our Parallel World. The Nothing has been able to sucked a little part of it, but now that it was been defeated, that part was coming to the light.

“We were closing that part when we had listened a little lament. We have tried to take it out from there, but he so scared. We have left him there, where we have find him. We have continued our work. We transferred your apartment. We have left you rest, and now we have call you. Maybe you…can help him.”

We had our hearts were beating hard. We were looking at us one another.
We could see his scared eyes: It was another little magic animal, but he was been sucked by the nothing from much time, and now that the nothing was no longer, he was scared even from the most harmless thing, as the smile we were doing.
You looked at me, then you have looked this grey and white little creature. We didn’t know if it was a female or male: For the moment we called it “Him”.

He was inside a kind of lair. Inside of it, was dark, but we could have see that he was surrounded by little crystals that illuminate the little environment.
“Thank you for having warning us”. You have said to the Morgur that slowly left us: only the little one didn’t wanted leave us.
He has been him, to discover this little scared creature, but The Big One has convinced him to leave us alone in front of that lair.
Slowly the Morgur has left us.

I could hear the Big One says: “They will be able to convince him to come out. See what they did”, and The Little One was jumping happy, replied: “They are magic and they had defeated it.”

We had heard what they were saying, and we had shared a shy smile.
Slowly you settled next to me. You have hold my hand tight, while i was looking in front, looking for a little signal of this little creature surrounded by crystals.”


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