“For another

last0005fondigranaMoment, your eyes dived themselves into mine, but at the end you got up and you put again your clothes. I’ve followed you.
Hand in hand we went downstairs and we went in front of the grey door of our appartament. We could hear that there was a little movements beyond the door.
We have sweetly smiled. We had recognise the sweet voices of the Morgur that were awaiting for us.  The voice of the little one was the most shrill, despite he was whispering.
We were feeling ourselves as in a fairytale, and in someways, we were.
We were in our own fairytale. We had open the door and there were all five. The two Markùts and the three Morgur. The Markùts were a little distants from us, but it seemed that it had must to be. They were our guardian and only in specifics circumstances they were must be approaching to us. But we could have feel their happiness to see us. Then slowly they leaved us.
On the contrary the little group of the Morgur remained. The lttle one approached us and with his sweet voice asked us if we had slept well. You have replied him ‘Yes’, looking at me, holding more tight my hand, and he said me ‘Aww, you looking like a princess’ looking my white long and light dress. And you looked at me once again and said to the little Morgur ‘She is. She  my princess…’ I blushed.  The little face of the Morgur was looking at me, and as if he was nodding.
Slowly we were walking across the walkway while the Morgur were a little ahead to us.
They wanted show us what had discover, and the little of the Morgur was the most enthusiast for that.
What they had discover leaved us breathless.”


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