Close the eyes

headshot006brucialineareAnd you’re come behind me and you’re embracing me tight
You’re whispering me words sweet that i can hear inside of me and they make explode Our Parallel World around us.
You’re wrapping me and i hold, your hands around me.
You turning me and our glance meet and i put my hand into your shirt, you let me do it, while i see you close your eyes.
Your perfume is around me, despite our real distance. Our connection is strong in these moments, we can feel it, and our  feelings are soft.
You’re about to wake up and in these istants that our connection is strong. Our minds getting  connect eachother, and despite our distance, we are looking us so deeply one in another, and now you’re taking my hand.
I take a deep a breathe and your eyes are set on me…’re approaching yourself to me… and you are whispering my name. I caressing your face till to reach your neo.



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