“After that kiss

luke02catturaforteWe looked at us, like suspended. We smiled us one another, you have caressed my face, whispering my name, and i dived myself in your glance. That soft atmosphere was still around us, and we could have feel our magic was growing up inside of us.
We were still wrapped by that sensation. A soft sensation that slowly was arounding our appartment.
You settled yourself on the backrest of the bed, while i was still lay on the bed.
We didnt talked for a little bit. Our emotions floated, melted one in another.
We have could feel, something was growing up in our parallel world, but we didnt know what it was. But it was, for sure something of beautiful and of  reassuring.
‘Do you feel it?’ you have asked me. I have nodded, while i was looking at your glance and softly i’ve caressed  your face, reaching your neo.
The curtains danced in the middle of us, and they were still creating that soft atmosphere in which we were in.
At the unison we looked the big window of the room.
The scenario has changed. From the roofs of the others buildings, now we could see a great green landscape and from far we had recognise the Morgur village and the Markùts to the guard of path which led to our appartment.
I settled myself next to you, and without thinking about it, you have wrapped me with your embrace, as if  that embrace now, meant the most big act of protection. I could felt it.
And our glances now were toward out the window.
Our little voice inside of us, told us that we had to go out and see Our Parallel World after the Nothing was been defeated.”


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