“You have

lukecattura1111forteStarted to kiss me sweetly. Your hands were so soft on my body. It seemed that you lookin for some certainty that you was doing the right thing. You always did. Your glance was looking for this. I looked at you, taking your face in my hands and after said ‘Continue like this’, our emotions expanded themselves always more, and your lips softly kissed mine. For a second i’ve took your hand and i’ve guided it between my legs.
Our eyes didnt take off one from another. Our feelings made transform the bedroom in another wonderful place, where our flows were melting one in another.
Slowly and gently, you was entering in me. You was looking at me and me i was looking at you. We were feeling our magic got bigger and bigger, and when you have begin to push yourself inside of me always more, the magic has became more beautiful than usual.
My moaning were like soft whispers that made you continue always more, but always with all delicateness you had.
You was above me and you was looking at me. I had my hands on your face, and off and on, we kissed us. But these kisses were so passionate and we felt ourselves lost in that kisses. We were breathless when we took again the air.
Our soul were, already became only one, but we were strenghtning it still more.
We were loving us always more. Our love act was sweet and gently. In our glances we could see our lights melting one in another.
The light breeze were moving the curtains over our naked bodies as a soft cloud and this soft touch made get faster your hips movements, and slowly you have put my hands over my head, while you kissing me while together we were reaching the orgasm. In your kiss, our orgasm.
While our contractions were fading, we looked at us one in another and we have understood how was big our love. It was bigger than the nothing, bigger than our big fears, and it was so big to create a own world. Our Parallel World.
We looked at us one another, one more time and sweetly we given ourselves a soft kiss that seemed had no end.”


⇐“I was looking

“After that kiss ⇒

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