Here you are


Slowly you settling yourself close to me, you taking my hand, you kiss it sweetly and my emotions explode and suddenly we enter in Our Parallel World. A magic bubble that exclude the others, and we exist only us, with our emotions that we can feel, despite our distance.
I can feel your eyes set on me, you want say me something, but i only feel your soft hands that wrapping me in your embrance and in that embrace given from far, i feel all your sweetness toward to me. I can hear you whisper me ‘Close the eyes’.
Closing the eyes i feel your lips lean on my mouth.  I can only touch your face, and for a moment we can feel our souls melting one in another.
That’s how our connection works.
My heart is exploding and i sure also your is about to explode.
We close our eyes and our souls are unite.
In a whisper we are saying us how feel us close one another.


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