It’s from two days

easy054fondigranaThat i’m thinking about it and also this make me drives crazy. I dont want think it is another coincidence, because it would be really a crazy thing.
I really didnt know about the main theme of your book and in my tale there is the same.
Maybe are we really connected and we still doesnt know.
Im sure that there are some flows in the air that strongly bonding us. The magic is dead in your book caused by the coda and in my tale, there is the nothing (different name but almost same effects) and that is another thin line we have.
Every thing was born an year ago or a little bit earlier.
Now they are two days that i focused on that little point, but more i think about it, this little point get bigger and bigger and i’m not able to think to another things… and sometime my hands are shaking on this keyboard.
Am i going crazy….? Or for real our parallel world does exist really?


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