“I was looking

luke226forteAt you while you was busy with the breakfast. I’ve smiled you when our glances meeting themselves and i’ve blushed when you caressed my face. In my mind i was still rewatching everything we had faced up to and your caress was making me remind  when we hold tight our hands and with that touch we took flight and all faded.
Your hand on my face was soft and by now every bad thing there was no more.
You have prepared the breakfast and you have decide to bring it on the little table in you fav corner. You have sweetly accompanied me on the sofa and while i settled me, you have looked at me for a second then without think about it, you have softly kissed me, saying me ‘How beautiful you are…’ then you went in the kitchen to take the cups of milk and coffee and the other things that we would have eat.
Sweetly, we were looking at us one another. We were eating. We smiled us often.
In the air we could feel the lightness of Our Parallel World, in someways we had to get using to it. Everything in our world was expand, also the minimun emotion, and now we were living, for the very first time, in our own world.
There were no more bordeline to across, no more bubble, no more black hole.
Our appartament was finally in our parallel world.
We had finished the breakfast. Everything was stastic. We were looking at us one another, from a little bit. Our breathe was at unison, but at a certain moment became faster.
You got up and you have stretched your hand, i kept it and without an immediate reason, you have guided me close the desk of your granpa and there, sweetly you have touched with your face, mine and you have hold tight my hands, just like in that magical dance we have done. But then you have started to kiss me passionately. Now, our heart were beating hard but at unison. I looked at you and in a thread of voice i have said ‘I love you’.  Maybe you was awaiting this my phrase and you have take me in your arms and slowly we went upstairs, where you have lying me on the bed and sofltly we have started to make love.”



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