“The Nothing

lukeloraforteWas been defeated.
Everything was returning to the normality. The air around us was taking again the usual lightness.
We were looking one in another, as we didnt before. We had did something that we didnt thought to do, and now «it» was disappeared.
Now it was the time to turn page and looking at what the present had to give us.
Now our appartment was inside of Our Parallel World and for us, was a new thing.
You was looking at me and a big smile was being born on your sweet face.
As if  it was everything natural, you have asked me ‘What do you want for breakfast?’. I looked at you a little bit surprised, but it was so, the behaviour that we had to have. You got up and you was coming downstairs. I hadnt say still a word, but i was looking at you and
only looking at you i got calm myself. I settled on backrest of the bed and you approached yourself me. You have caressed my face and you have kissed me. In these istants our hearts were beating at unison and we could felt it. For a moment we stared at us one in another, without breathing.
We had to shake us from everything this. I’ve stretched my hand toward you and you have kept it. ‘Wait for me’ i have said. Gently you have took me in your arms. In a second we were in front one another and our glances diving themselves one in another, and there for magic,  everything of bad, for real, was disappeared.
Slowly we went downstairs. Everything seemed new, but it remained equal.
Everything looked more beautiful… also  all the papers scattered on the floor, in you fav corner.
You had still disheveled hair, and i was looking at you, smiling at you while you was preparing our breakfast. I was looking at you so.., so in love…to make me forget what we had faced up to in previously hours.”


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“I was looking ⇒

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