“We have” – ○216○


Done a deep sleep, but that question was still around, but we would have that reply really soon.

We have closed the eyes, and in few seconds we were dived ourselves in another dream, where the answer would be revealed.

We dived ourselves in an ambient totally different to our parallel world.
It was dark, narrow and it seemed a sea place, with another species, as sea monsters who were wandering in looking for of something that they would have found no longer.

They called a name: their voices were like shrill sounds.
They were around us, while we looking at them.
Some of these monsters had the faces of our big fears.
I’ve recognise the little monster with the green eyes, and the pointed ears.
I was sure you have recognize Zora.
They had swollen faces, and they did recognized us no longer: they were as sea ghosts.
Occasionally we looked at us.

I wanted return in our parallel world, but now we were already in of it.
Your glance made me courage as always.
We have took a deep breathe till we had hear a scream from far.

Perhaps we would have had the answer to the question that we were making us since when we’ve been awoke from the Morgur under that tree.
That shout has become deafening, and it was approaching toward us.
The ambient has become darker, more that shout was becoming always more shrill, a dark veil in flight, it has obscured everything, taking with itself everything in a wake of undefined colour under in a grille where it would be disappear forever.

The only thing to which we were remained breathless has been The Nothing had a face of a woman with the alignments of a rage never seen before, and her last glance was been toward us, while she was escape away, with all their followers, inside of that grille.

Slowly, we went up from this dark world and we had taking again a deep breathe, and we had opened the eyes.
We looked at us: there was no need to say nothing.

We had only shyly smile, and you have embraced me tight.”


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