“The light” – ○215○


That entering through the big window of the room was so soft, and now the panorama, it was no longer the greyness of the buildings in front, but now the curtains moving themselves thank to a light breeze, and now, we could see all that green around.

You whispered me, embracing me: “What fantastic thing, they have done.”
I have nodded, looking at me around: I was hypnotized by the movement of the curtain that sweetly touching your face.
I have understood that you was still thinking about the fight that we had face up to. Your eyes relived some phases of it: in certain moments they were such brilliant. and in some moments so empty.
I could feel your heart still beating hard.
Sweetly, I’ve put my hand on your chest: my little touch got calm you, and at the end our glances met themselves.

You looked at me for a long time in silence, then “Since when we have met us, I never figured everything this could be happen: I’ve always imagined everything this, could only be existed in the fairytale books of my grandma… instead here we are inside of our fairytale.”

While, you was saying me this, the light breeze was moving the curtain inside of the room, and now, it was sweetly caressing both.

Your deep was able always to relax me.
The curtains caresses, accompanied our breath always more in a rest that we really would wanted to make.

We were talking about everything, but our thoughts, at end went always to knock to the door of the question to which we hadn’t still the reply.

But now, we wanted, for real, rest ourselves.
We embraced us: closing the eyes, we have followed our breathe, and we had continued to hear the light breeze that moving the curtains over our bodies, caressing us.”


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