I feel you

Next to me, here close to me on this bed… slowly you’re stretching your hand toward mine. I feel your sweet touch, your soft skin on mine. We looking us eachother.
last0005forteYou whispering my name. Our eyes diving themselves one in anothers and our parallel world is coming and slowly we enter in.
I feel my vise get stronger and stronger.
You are smiling me, our hand are touching softly under the blanket, and under the blanket our touch is the maximum of our expression of  our love, now that we are not alone, but we feeling our emotions rans trought ou mer hands.
We whispering our names sweetly, touching our hands.
We are looking at us one in another and our emotions expand themselves around us.
Now i feel you are embracing me and i close the eyes and i feel your breathe and everthing this is wonderful for me.
With a thread of voice, you’re saying my name.


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